Welcome to Target Schools

Target Schools is the Oxford University Student Union’s flagship access programme. Our aim is simple – we want to debunk the various myths many school students have about Oxford and we think the way to do this is for current undergraduates to go to schools and share their experiences with school students.

Teachers and school students: this website is aimed at current undergraduates at the University of Oxford.  However there are relevant FAQ sections for both teachers and school students, please use the links above.

Undergraduates: Get involved!  Free food and drink are provided at all our training sessions and every year over 200 undergraduates enjoy being shadowed by a Year 12 student as part of Target Schools’ annual Shadowing Scheme. Simply turn up at one of the Teas listed on the right and sign yourself up to our database/mailing list here.

We hope you are looking forward to promoting our University!

Anna and Diego,

Co-Chairs 2013.