Here is a selection of testimonials from students and their teachers about their experiences on shadowing days. We hope that for current Oxford students, this encourages you to share your day with a sixth former, and that this encourages current sixth formers to come and give Oxford a try for a day!


“I had an amazing day and left feeling really inspired.”

“I would just like to thank you for yesterday! It was a great experience and has given me the confidence needed to strive for Oxford. I am very thankful for the time you have put in to create the opportunity for me to visit.”

I thoroughly enjoyed shadowing my student as this allowed me to experience for myself what studying medicine at Oxford is really like. No amount of research or reading up on the university website could provide as much knowledge [as] actually visiting and experiencing first hand, what a day in the life of a medic consists of!

The shadowing and the workshop were both very helpful as they gave me a much clearer idea about what people look for in interviews and what Oxford life is like in general. The most useful thing I learnt from the day is that a passion for your subject is most important. Overall, the day reassured me that top universities aren’t out of reach for state school students.

[I]t confirmed 100% that I wanted to study engineering – the problem I had looking through prospectuses, is that module names don’t really tell you what you will be studying and what it’s like, but just being in two of the lectures confirmed that it was what I had hoped it was!! I really enjoyed going round and seeing Oxford from a student perspective… Definitely applying now!!

The highlights of my day were definitely getting to look around Brasenose College with a brilliant student guide, and not to forget actually understanding (vaguely) what was going on during the Organic Chemistry lecture! Thank you!!”

It was my first trip to Oxford University so I was very nervous, but the undergrads were very welcoming and easy to talk to and I had a great time learning about what they do at Oxford and why I would be a great fit there.

[Sitting in on a tutorial] was incredibly engaging […] I would have to say I enjoyed this aspect of the day very much, especially with how informal the vibe was, which was something I didn’t expect.

“Lucy had a very enjoyable and useful day today, many many thanks for giving us this opportunity”.

“This is just a brief note to thank you and your colleagues for your time and hospitality on my student shadowing day, the week before last. I am sorry that I have not been in contact before now, but I had my Mocks last week, and I needed to concentrate on those!”

“You really packed a lot of interesting experiences into the day, and I now feel much better informed both about applying to Oxford, and the facts of undergraduate life. I feel really fortunate that I was able to participate.”

“Thank you again, both to those who organised the visit and my Undergraduate for the day.”

“I just wanted to personally thank you for all the effort you made in arranging for me to visit Hertford College yesterday to shadow an undergraduate.”

“Thanks for all your help”.

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